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Why is the crypto community so fond of Telegram?

By Chaineum

Bitcoin could rightfully be called the "star" of last year, its rise attracted the attention of the world to the market of crypto-currencies, interest in which is inexorably growing every day. Many decentralized projects, digital publishing houses and even stock exchanges go into Telegram Messenger and create full-fledged platforms for communication and advertising there. There are even whole groups of "whales", owners of large stakes in  crypto currency. 

Telegram thus became popular in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency thanks to the groups and channels created. Telegram-group can connect up to 100 thousand people with the quick and safe sending of messages.

Some groups and channels are known, sending signals to their subscribers, related to the growth of exchange rates. At the same time, the monetization of such communities is quite successful. So, the price of joining a closed paid group or channel can reach $ 5,000. Many users are willing to pay these amounts, as they are sure of making a solid investment: you can multiply your asset up to 10 times with one signal.

A large number of free communities about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO can be found among paid groups and channels. However, not all of them provide reliable information and there is no certainty that the member of these groups can provide quality advice.

Typically, the guarantee of quality of information can be provided only by Telegram groups of certain legal companies, which provide services in terms of ICO and blockchain development. Europe is a big market, but there are not many such companies on this market. For example, one of the very first players in the European market is Chaineum – an ICO advisory agency whose main office is in Paris. The company is actively developing and has branches in Switzerland and the Benelux countries.

Chaineum official group

The other day the official Chaineum group was created in Telegram (, with the purpose of providing information and support to the new and growing community - the blockchain and crypto-currency enthusiasts.

Group members are competent and experienced employees of the company providing services such as: Blockchain Development, creation and writing of the white paper, Web Development, Community Management, Bounty Program Management, Roadshows etc.

You can also meet many other professionals who will share their experience in working with  cryptocurrencies as well as investing in ICO projects.

Join the Chaineum Telegram group:

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