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Pingvalue and Kairos: Consumer Recommendation System based on Facial Analysis

By BlockchainDailyNews

Pingvalue, a company revolutionizing the digital advertising market and Kairos, an artificial intelligence company specializing in facial recognition, announce that they're partnering to develop a highly sophisticated identity based system, that will actually learn consumer behaviour based on demographics and emotions.

Currently, consumers are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages, most of which are off target, so relevance is crucial for businesses who want to attract and retain satisfied customers. 

Pingvalue’s mission is to enhance the user experience in the digital and physical world, based on blockchain technology 4.0. Using Pingvalue’s open platform combined with Kairos’ facial recognition will enable users to get personalized suggestions based on their identity, demographics, and emotions in a specific moment. It will even help them better understand their own attitude towards specific products and organizations. The single users will decide whether to share personal data with businesses and institutions, allowing those to better understand who they are as customers and what they want. This would help businesses and institutions improve the customer experience and reach the right people at the right time and place with a relevant message. 

Kairos’ “Human Analytics” can be used to gather unique, real-time insights about people such as age, gender, ethnicity, sentiment and emotions, as they interact with companies, brands, and products. This technology will be used by Pingvalue’s engine to provide end users with recommendations on food, products, places, events and promotions based not only on their specific profile, but also on their mood and emotions in a specific moment and context. This combination of insights generated by Pingvalue and Kairos will transform not only the customer experience and business performance but also advertising and marketing as we know it. Based on consumer emotions businesses can get feedback on the customer experience and the relevance of their recommendation. 

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