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How to make your ICO stand out from the crowd

By Chaineum

As everyone knows ICO’s have gained momentum  within the last year. Presenting a plan for a new project , in exchange for bitcoin or ether this allows you to give investors shares in your project. 

This trend certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, which has led to an overwhelming number of ICOs on the market looking to raise millions in a short space of time as opposed to going to a bank. When you are faced with so much competition what’s the best way to market your ICO and stand out from the crowd? 

Knowing your worth 

Listen to what other investors are talking about, this will help you to understand the current climate surrounding cryptocurrency. It also good to go to objective forums as these are great way to see what your ICO is worth. It is vital that your ICO shows realistic demands in all of the marketing tactics. 

Are you accountable to investors?

The biggest marketing challenge for an ICO is proving to investors that the startup isn’t going to deflate after their investment. With various headlines sparking concerns, it is vital that your ICO is accountable. Ensure that nobody is left with doubts on what your project is aiming to achieve. 

Making sure your on ICO Directories

If investors have trouble finding your ICO you could have trouble with it going anywhere. Make sure you get your ICO noticed and appearing on all directories. There are many resources that you can use for finding the right ones. 

Whilst there are many benefits associated with ICOs, there are also a number of risks associated with this kind of investment. Before seeking to create an ICO or invest in one, you should always look for professional consultation from an industry expert. 

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