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How to gain customer trust for your ICO in 2018 

By Chaineum

Whilst ICOs offer an alternative, attractive form of fundraising, companies raising through ICOs still have to convince individuals to invest in their projects. With the recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charging a number of companies with defrauding investors with failing ICOs this is becoming more challenging. 

Most companies traditionally release a white paper to inform investors of their company and details outlining the project, however this is sometimes not enough to convince investors, especially wary ones. Some key steps to help this are the followings. 

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Professional Manner and Presentation

The first touchpoint for any potential investors or partners is your website. Always make sure the design is on point, content is spelt correctly and is professionally written and presented. 

Regardless of how complex the offering is general audiences need to digest the information without being turned off by business terminology or jargon. 

Sell the product but back it up with data and a product roadmap

Using your message to explain problems you aim to solve for consumers around the world and backing it up with own research/data shows you are on the right path to accomplish your aims. 

Creating a product roadmap demonstrates how far your business is on its mission and helps investors to come away from your homepage with a clear envision on how their money will be used.

Social proof to address concerns

Companies need to show that their team and company as a whole are trustworthy. Any information of anyone on the team or investors should be on the website including links to their social media sites. 

Companies should address concerns with information about tokens, security and guarantees offered to investors, how the foundation is registered. Along with this a clear FAQ section addressing questions and concerns should be evident. 

With many well-publicised cases of ICO fraud floating around online, companies and investors are advised to seek help and advice from a professional before jumping in.

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