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Chaineum CEO listed as one of the world’s top ten cryptocurrency experts!

By Chaineum

We're very proud to announce that Laurent Leloup, Chaineum CEO, has been listed as one of the world’s top ten cryptocurrency experts in two prestigious issues “The Big Top Ten” and “The Cryptocurrency Magazine”. 

Laurent Leloup is listed alongside 9 other people, including Sam Karagiozis, Sasha Ivanov or Teresa Truda. The 2 magazines talk about three achievements of Chaineum’s CEO which are: 
- Chaineum’s creation and being the first ICO boutique in Europe with full compliance rules, and with more than 14 ICOs in Q1 2018
- Beyond the many current and future projects: Laurent is proud to participate in this great adventure of blockchain and cryptocurrency
- The feeling that a new world is being born that we are the first pioneers in the ICO space

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