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A pleasure meeting you!

Article by Chaineum

Two weeks ago, at the Malta Blockchain Summit happening on November 1st and 2nd, Chaineum Capital Partners met with Sophia for her exclusive press conference where she shared with us her excitement about Blockchain, AI and human progress in general.

It started with an introduction of her "father" Dr Ben Groetzel explaining the current state of development of the project and the multiple objectives they have with the development of the Singularity NET project.

After the introduction, couple questions have been asked to Sophia by the journalists present about various topics such as her point of view on the current Blockchain and AI industry.

Despite a constant noise in the room, Sophia managed to listen to the questions, focus and deliver coherent and thoughtful answers.

To conclude, Sophia is looking forward to having more AI friends joining her in the SingularityNET project and is excited by the improvements made in the Blockchain community here at Malta.

Keep an eye on the project at

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